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The Crew


Office Staff

Our Professional office Staff will help you get started with Olde Towne.  They will help get your questions answered and your work scheduled.  Their years of experience will make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.



dankofahlThe Owner

Dan Kofahl has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to quality that makes Olde Towne the best choice for your plumbing needs.  His hands-on interest in the business means that you can always trust the work from Olde Towne Plumbing.



crewcloseThe Crew

 These are the people who you count on to get the job done.  All of our work is done by licensed plumbers to make sure that it gets done right.  Not only is our crew the best, they have the best tools as well.  Our service trucks are fully stocked with quality parts so your repairs get done fast and your other projects get done with the right parts, not just “good enough” materials.