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Nothing is more aggravating than a clogged toilet with a house full of company.

1.6 gallons per flush but it takes 3 flushes to get it to go down. Sound familiar? So much for water conservation.

Here at Olde Towne Plumbing, we have done our own research t find the best flushing toilets.  We have found two brands that we install with very little or no callbacks due to clogging problems, one is the Kohler brand and the other is the Toto, both are available locally and are moderately priced.

While we are on the subject of toilets, I would like to take a moment and offer a way to check for internal tank leaks to avoid costly water loss. Some hardware or plumbing supply stores offer dye tablets that you can purchase to be placed in the back of the toilet tank after which the tank is full and has stopped. Drop in the dye tab (or a couple of drops of food color from the cupboard) in the tank then watch the water in the bowl to see if changes start to appear in the color of the water.

If the water in the bowl starts change then you can bet that the flapper or flush valve mechanism is bad and will need to be replaced. Many toilets will require the use of original equipment repair parts to repair them properly.



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